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The Get Healthy Guam Coalition is a community-based collaborative organization dedicated to Raising Awareness and Motivating People to Actively Engage in Healthy Lifestyles. 

Our current focus is on developing health prevention/health literacy materials.

The Get Healthy Guam Coalition exists to raise awareness, educate young people, and motivate communities to live healthy, engaging lifestyles. By spreading messages of hope and health, today’s students can spark positive change within their families and local communities. 


Storybook on Resilience and Antibullying

This storybook is now available!


~Guahan Academy Charter School, Guam


Guam Economic Development Authority, Tsubaki Towers, Guam Regional Medical City, Guam Marianas Training Center, Guam Memorial Hospital (in-kind), & Individual Donors

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Diabetes Poster

This poster is now available!  Side 2 includes teacher's notes and activity suggestions.

Click on the link below. This will take you to Resource page of the Children for Health website where the poster can be downloaded for free.


Storybook & Teacher's Toolkit on Diabetes Prevention 

Currently in development. Project will be worked on, starting in August, 2022. Timeline includes the following phases: research, facilitator's training, student workshops, writing, artwork & formatting, publishing and distribution.


To be announced soon.


Guam Economic Development Authority, Guam Regional Medical City,

and Guam Memorial Hospital (in-kind)

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Student led Storytelling to Teach Communities the Power of Prevention

Our organization has proudly participated in various preventive health-related projects. In our latest endeavor, we’ve partnered with Children for Health (CfH) to create compelling posters & storybooks about community-specific health and wellness topics for students, ages 9 to 14.

The storybooks will:

Be strategically designed using the participatory inquiry method to spark curiosity;

Be written by students in collaboration with teachers and topic experts;

Be Illustrated by CfH’s in-house artist;

Create a depth of understanding;

Mobilize youth to become agents of change in their communities  


The storybooks will have a primary story for older students and teachers, a lighter story for youth to share with younger children, and additional hands-on activities for further growth and exploration. 

We invite you to become a Partner in Prevention. We’d love to connect with you. We believe that, together, we can make a remarkable impact in our community.


Online Donation Drive for Health Literacy Projects

Please support the Get Healthy Guam Coalition's online donation drive for the development of health related materials.  Our educational consultant group is Children for Health. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring this approach to Guam and to partner schools. With your support we can put Guam on the map for health literacy materials that resonate with your youth, driving health promotion in our families and community. Let's showcase the power of youth ages 9-14 as engaged health advocates!


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